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Brownlee Fitness Pro Aero LC Tri Suit Orange - Women's

Brownlee Fitness Pro Aero LC Tri Suit Orange - Women's

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Developed in the wind tunnel, refined out on course.

Working with the greatest minds in aerodynamics and engineering, HUUB has helped drive the way forward in the world of aero garment and thermoregulating technology.

Our fabrics are tested in the Fabric Tunnel at Silverstone and then tested for their ability to dissipate heat through our partnership with NTU (Nottingham Trent University).

Understanding the needs and demands of high-performance sport by working with World Class athletes at the top of their game allows us to strike the perfect balance of speed, comfort, and cooling, leaving us with results that come out on top in the real world as well as in the lab.

We have conducted over 500 fabric-only tests, helping us understand the performance and, most crucially, when a fabric fails to perform. Each fabric has its 'drag crisis', the speed at which the gains kick in, and the speed at which gains diminish. This volume of fabric knowledge allows us to choose the right materials for the right suits. To add a stripey ridged fabric isn't enough. The micro changes in fabrics and your speeds shape our choices.

Speed is just one factor. Working with Nottingham Trent University to fully understand the best fabrics to transmit heat away from the body adds a never before considered dimension to aero and performance suits. Heat can severely affect performance, no matter how aero you are. This is where the unique selections from the HUUB advisory team come into their own.

  • Arms Neutral™ design for swim comfort and aero efficiency
  • Aero rear pockets to store race day nutrition
  • Thermoregulatory tested fabrics.
  • Independently tested fabrics delivering panel by panel aero benefits.
  • Smooth edge hems for comfort and airflow.
  • Italian chamois for all-day comfort.
  • Arms Neutral
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